When you don’t know what to do

Sid Berry
3 min readDec 21, 2020
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Okay, so more often than not — we as humans know what to do and would prefer to keep things nice and clear. It is the right goal to strive for, after all when the world is moving towards an ever-evolving playground of complex conditions like C-19, economic swings, travel restrictions, limited public gatherings, and finding a safe career option when people are just trying to keep the ship afloat for themselves and their families.

You should really be proud of yourself that you have come this far, through better & worse, and continue to look for ways to have a sustainable & fulfilling life. Maybe you have a checklist of your own that you follow daily or a set of rituals & prayers that help you keep calm & going. But sometimes, no matter what we do — things do not seem to go or work quite well for us. And that is when you have the question — “what do I do when you don’t know what to do”.

So, interestingly I was a similar situation a while back ago and for all that I can say — I did not really want to be there, well actually I never thought I would have to deal with an evening like this as — I was always a person of plans & actions and clear priorities. What triggered that helplessness was a sense of loneliness somewhere and despite wise efforts of going for a walk, running, biking, singing, and reading — nothing really helped out.

And then something did — I was fortunate enough to find someone who I could confide to. Just sitting there and talking openly about how I was feeling did all the magic and soon I was my best self ever.

So to summarise in the words of Misty Copeland, “Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you”. The point to go to from nowhere is the point of communication and do it with so much honesty as if those were to be your last words. See most of the time people do communicate and talk about a lot of things, but how often do we get to talk about things that would really mean a lot to us. Maybe you are waiting for the next person to ask the right questions so that you can finally talk about those things that are burning inside you.

Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

But know this, the longer you wait — the more time you will end living in that limited horizons bubble. So be the person who can stand up, go out there, find someone to talk to, and then openly talk about things you feel in the core of your heart at that moment. After all, feelings are reflections of how you are on the inside.

Sid Berry

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