Living in a random universe — not so bad after all

Sid Berry
5 min readSep 11, 2022
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We as humans have an inherent desire to make sense of everything that happens in our lives and also to feel in control of it. If you look back at time from present day, you would observe that you have had “experiences which were good but at the same time there would be experiences which were not”. Sometimes things go the way you want and other times they do not. It can be hard to accept the fact that — :

  • there is not always a particular reason for things that happen in your life and
  • you could not have done much to change the outcomes

This universe has laws which can be used to influence the outcomes but again, there will always be a certain degree of randomness in it.

Going a level deeper to understand the randomness better with some difficult life examples — :

  • maybe you lost your parent due to an unfortunate event
  • maybe you had to go through a divorce or break-up due to an unfortunate reason
  • maybe you had invested your time and money in a a business or market and it all went south
  • maybe you made a choice or decision regarding your career, health, relationship or family and it did not go out as planned or expected

In all above instances, it is not difficult to miss the fact that the person going through the experience would be feeling really down & lost at the moment and no amount of knowledge or wisdom from books or people would make it go away. It is about how a given life experience makes someone feel and no other person can make it go away by just saying or doing anything. That someone has to grow through that pain or suffering, unlearn and learn things about life in the process and then finally emerge as a more resilient & stronger human-being.

No one can skip certain parts of life and get directly from point A to point B. Let us take a look at some life examples to understand what those certain parts of the journey can look like —

  • if you choose to love someone, you will be vulnerable and get hurt at times whether you would want it or not
  • if you choose to compete in a professional sport, you will win some competitions but in the same year you will lose some
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