Encounter with the mirror universe

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How often do we realize that — the very choices we are making in the small moments of our life are constantly shaping the bigger realities of our days/ weeks/ months/ years? It surely is difficult to gauge the effects or better say ripple effects of our small choices such as when to wake up or when to sleep/ whom to talk to/ whom to look at/ whom to love/ which career to choose/ which food to choose/ which book to read.

And surely we can’t build an excel model for forecasting the result of our choices on the upcoming future. But what we can do for sure — is to brainstorm the different mirror universes which are possible from the different choices that we can make in those tiny apparently insignificant moments of our lives.

So, what I am suggesting here is to just go to a place where you can do the brainstorming (maybe a park or a piece of paper or even voice notes in iPad) and get the feel of these different realities which are waiting to be manifested as a result of our choices.

I learned it the hard way — like any other weekend evening, I went on a walk in the neighborhood park which also has got a lake in the middle. It’s an exquisite place to be in, not only because of the pristine touch of Mother Nature in the middle of busy city life but also because of the diverse kinds of people you get to be among in a given day.

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Here I was, walking and reviewing my past week and reflecting on the topics which I felt could have been dealt better with. Note — I was completely oblivious of the alternate realities that were possible in my own life (up until then). I encountered a girl — in my first round and that did change something in the whole energy field of that place. There was an entirely different aura, maybe someone I had been seeking or maybe someone I needed to cross paths with. Suddenly, I could feel the kind of anticipation which usually happens when you are in high school.

Now, it was possible that my mind was making those things up but that proved wrong in our second round of crossing each other where we somehow intentionally collided and evident again and again the upcoming rounds. By the time, it was getting dark and we were about to leave — I knew there was something between us, which could be felt distinctly in the place. She walked towards me, waited I walked towards her, waited, two people, waiting and staring at each other — I had already decided what I was going to talk to her — but I didn’t do it. I went past, she turned and went away afterward.

What a moment of realization that was for me — for the first time in years, I had voluntarily chosen to hurt myself. Well, I did not intend to hurt or even feel bad about it for that matter — but somehow I regretted not saying what I wanted to say.

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It could have been something or it could have been nothing. We can’t know it now but it was worth trying — to create that reality. I was rather thinking of the ways we can’t do each other any good in the coming weeks or months or years. But for the first time, I had realized that those future scenarios never really existed except in my mind and those projections did make me miss the best present scenario which definitely would have given me happiness and made me feel alive.

After that, I was walking back home and missing her — for the first time in so many years I was missing someone (other than my mother, which I do always). It was a short encounter between the two of us, in a park in Surat (India) but somehow it had a deep impact on me. I could not stop thinking if I would ever get to see her in the park again and if I did, I won’t for sure miss the opportunity to talk to her. Maybe, someday she will read it too (the probability is very low) and then we can connect someday.

What I felt was a sense of deep regret — for not expressing myself when I wanted to do it the most and when it meant the most to me. And it occurred to me that, how carelessly we choose to go with the dominant thoughts in our mind, without for a moment questioning whether there can be alternate realities to go with. After all, what we think we do is just one of those million scenarios which are possible to be manifested through our consciousness.

So, make it a point to brainstorm the different scenarios which are possible in each aspect of your life — be it health (food/ exercise), career (newspaper/ magazine/ course/ job), relationships (family/ relatives/ friends/ love life). Get a real-time feeling of all those scenarios (through your imagination) and then you will be better able to choose the best possible reality for your upcoming moments of life.

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Sid Berry

Sid Berry


MBA (McMaster), Mechanical Engineer (NITC), Bodybuilding Athlete, Part-Time Writer. Toronto, CA