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When I was growing up in India, I always wanted to become an independent person. Someone who lives on their own, has a seperate place, has a job that pays enough to fulfill basic needs/ desires and above all can eat whatever I want without having to ask my father/…

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Time is such an amazing agent of change, that it spares none and can never be turned around. The person you were five years ago was someone entirely different than what you have become today. The first time you love someone is very different than how you would choose to…

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Life was a quiet affair;

Listening to the same old playlist songs in my favorite chair;

I heard a story about a girl;

Who would come to this country to walk on pearls;

Even though I did not know her or had ever talked;

Something was different about her, I…

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It is a bright sunny morning by the beach, the summer is at its prime and you are walking barefoot on the sand while sipping a glass of lemonade slowly. …

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Time and space, have mostly been the subject of study for physicists. There is a space-time continuum lying somewhere in the universe where it may be possible to bend the so-called dimensions, including time itself. …

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The title above is familiar with most of you already, both from the stories of others and your own individual experiences. However, we do not really give it a deep thought and just take it for its face value most of the time. What do I mean by that?


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Sitting in my room, sipping through my pre-workout drink before gym at 5 am, I ask myself this question “What am I going to eat today, whether it is going to be focused on loading 2x grams of protein without any concern of fats or is it going to be…

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At times, it is easy for you to trust someone than you would normally be inclined to do. …

A very unique and enlightening perspective towards moon

Sid Berry

Life is too short to hold back! So go out there and live your dreams. For more than just a good read — connect Instagram — sidberry009/ Facebook — Sid berry

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